2019 Weekly Schedule

End of Season Final Tournament Schedule

Tournament Start Time: 7:30 PM

Monday Sept 9th
The following teams are to report to the courts...

  • Buongiorno's
  • CV Longo
  • Ballers
  • ADOW Pools
  • Los Guapos
  • Genco
  • Son of a Bocce
  • Brickhouse
Tuesday Sept 10th
Winners from Monday, plus the following...

  • Montreal Hockey
  • PFV Construction
  • Stamford Starters
  • Bocce on the Rock
Monday Sept 16th
Winners from last Tuesday, plus the following...

  • Italia
  • Mount Vernon
  • Ischia
  • Settefratese
Tuesday Sept 17th
All teams that played on Monday, Sept. 16th...