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Have a ball - Scott Gargan - July 14, 2011
Bocce: Throughout the region, toddlers to 20-somethings getting in on this "old-man's game"

It's officially unofficial summer - Kathleen O'Rourke - June 2, 2009
STAMFORD - Out for my evening walk tonight and opted for the Scalzi Park loop versus my traditional downtown city stroll.

Local Bocce League Sheds Old-Man Image - Stamford Advocate - June 19, 2008
STAMFORD - On a cloudy evening last week in Scalzi Park, Marge LoBuglio, 81, rolled a red bocce ball within a few inches of its target, a smaller white ball called a jack or pallino.

A Younger Generation Takes Up Bocce - New York Times - April 20, 2008
GROWING up in Greenwich, John Agostino can remember eating pasta and watching his grandfather toss bocce balls in the backyard on Sunday afternoons.

Photograph is One Family's History - Stamford Advocate - March 10, 2008
STAMFORD - Every time Tony Mattera went to Remo's, an Italian restaurant and pizzeria on Bedford Street, an old black and white photo of a family gathered around the dinner table, glasses held high in a toast, caught his eye.

Having a Ball with Bocce - Stamford Advocate - 2008
GREENWICH - Members of Greenwich High School's Italian Club lined the sides of the gravel alleyway, pressing forward as if to will their team's large red bocce balls closer to a smaller white pallino ball.

Bocce League Opens in Womans Honor - Stamford Advocate - 2008
NORWALK - When Rebecca DiPanni's doctors told her last winter things weren't gong the wsy she hoped, she climbed out of her hospital bed and drew a smiling face on the white board where doctors wrote notes.

54 years in, Stamford Bocce League rolls along - Stamford Times - 2006
STAMFORD - "Hey Pete, who do you play tonight? Yeah? Are they bringing their own wine?"

The Roll of the Bocce Ball - Stamford Tradition Thrives at Scalzi Park - Stamford Advocate - June 4, 2000
STAMFORD - It starts with the roll of the palino, and the game begins.

The following articles courtesy of: Robert A. Fiore - former Public Relations and Media Coordinator

Stamford Bocce League on News 12 Connecticut (circa 1984):  Intro  Main

People, places, things... - Stamford Advocate - July 28, 1986
NORWALK - In the first St. Ann's Club Bocce tournament, the team of Vincenzo Mallozi and Domenico Mazzoli took home the first prize of $1000 yesterday.

Stamford bocce tourney rolls on - Stamford Advocate - Aug. 15, 1985
STAMFORD - The world champions of bocce are amoung the eight teams that advanced to today's semi-finals of the Stamford Open Bocce Tournament at Scalzi Park.

Third annual bocce tournament - Stamford Advocate - Aug. 7, 1985
STAMFORD - The third annual bocce tournament was held in Scalzi Park last Saturday and Sunday, under the sponsorship of Medaglia D'Oro Coffee.

Scalzi Park's Bocce Courts: "No Set Up Like It" - Stamford Mail - May 8, 1985
STAMFORD - "It's something you do on a summer evening; really more of a social event than anything else."

Bocce League Tournament - Stamford Advocate - Oct. 11, 1984
STAMFORD - The Stamford Bocce League held their second annual open Booce League Tournament last Saturday and Sunday at Scalzi Park.

Bocce! - Stamford Advocate - Oct. 1984
STAMFORD - Connie Miller took her turn on the bocce court.

In torneo di bocce a Stamford - Il Progresso - Sept. 9, 1984
STAMFORD - Si svolgera' nei giorni 14 e 15 settembre a Stamford, CT, la seconda edizione del torneo open di bocce sui campi dello Scalzi Park...

Port Chester bocce duo set for Stamford tourney - Garnett Westchester Newspaper - Sept. 8, 1984
PORT CHESTER - Two teams from Port Chester have entered the second annual Stamford Open Bocce Tournament, scheduled the weekend of Sept. 15-16 at Scalzi Park in Stamford, Conn.

Bocce tourney was pure Italiano - Stamford Advocate - Aug. 22, 1983
STAMFORD - It began under the warm, sunny skies of morning with the first pot of hot espresso and the first slow rolls of the red and green wooden bocce balls.

Masone's not alone as bocce has its day - Greenwich Time - Aug. 21, 1983
STAMFORD - The thick plastic ball thrown by Pat Masone rolled slowly down the first bocce court at Scalzi Park, kissed the wooden side board, and ricocheted toward the small white ball, or pallino, some 60 feet distant.

Boccie Players Gain in Numbers - New York Times - Aug. 14, 1983
NORWALK - For about 20 seconds, Angelo Mattera peered down the narrow clay court, studying the lay of the balls that had already been thrown, and their proximity to the "pallino".